How to get more Scalp Micropigmentation Clients: 5 Marketing Strategies Free & Paid

Free Marketing Strategies

#1 Marketing Strategy is creating blog content for your website. Blog content helps potential clients find your business by searching common questions online. Now, what kind of content should you focus on. Think like the client here on what they would be typing into Google. For example, Is SMP Painful?, What is the aftercare for SMP? Remember the purpose of this blog content is to educate people on scalp micro pigmentation and not directly sell. This creates trust in your customer’s minds for your brand. Because they see you as a thought leader in the industry.

Why is blog content important? Because it helps boost your website via search engine optimization (SEO) for common search terms. It helps people find you organically typically through Google but you could also do this via YouTube. Writing a blog isn’t as difficult as it seems either. There is content all over the web to teach you this. But, the easiest is just make an outline of topics and get started.

Watch the video below which summarizes this article:

#2 Marketing Strategy is going live on Facebook or Instagram. Going live gives most of your followers a notification that you’re live. This is a hack to keep your brand top of mind. It helps you stand out from the crowd and allow your followers into your life. Now it can be a little scary to go live because what do you share? We’ll share the behind-the-scenes of your Micropigmentation business activities. Or open it up to the audience to ask questions about SMP procedure. 

#3 Marketing Strategy is starting an email list  to send out newsletters or offers. Send out an email at least once a month with your most recent blog post and new offerings. For example, you could share specific dates and times that were previous cancelations. Something even better is due flash sales via email when people cancel. That way the hitting people you already know are interested and can get someone in the door if you were going to lose out on revenue due to cancelations. Building an email list is a key to any business because it’s something that’s more dependable than ads.

#4 Marketing Strategy is to make a Facebook Marketplace post to share your service to your area. In that post create a brief description of what SMP is. Add some scarcity to the post and mention you only have X amount of spots available. You could also include a booking link with timeslots available. There are many services that can automate your booking for you. If you don’t use a scheduling application you’ll have to wait for messages to come in. Keep that messenger app open on your phone to stay on top of messages. 

Paid Marketing Strategies

#1 Marketing Strategy is running advertisements on social media. Specifically Facebook or Instagram. This strategy shows your service to people who don’t know about this solution. The goal is to get the awareness of Scalp Micropigmentation and getting bookings for your brand. Give something out for free to hook the customer like free consultations.

The ads need to catch the attention of the viewers. How do you do this? Well, you appeal to the emotions of why people buy. Typically people turn to hair loss solutions because of insecurity. So appeal to these emotions and then tell the benefits. For example, close-shaven style, hairline renewal, long term solutions. Unlike many hair loss solutions which either have to apply or take daily. This long-term solution is much less invasive than transplants. 

Lastly, make sure you’re running this to a landing page. I’ve seen the mistake of running ads to your social media profile or to the messenger. Now ads like this can still work but add more work for the customer. Now they need to do their research if they don’t know what SMP is. The landing page needs to remove all uncertainty that the customer has after they see the ad. Answer their who, what, where, when, and why.