Case Study

The Ability Center

A Milwaukee based nonprofit focused on building the most universally inclusive recreation destination in the world.

The Ability Center is a nonprofit focused on providing a higher quality of life for people of all abilities by transforming greater Milwaukee into the most universally inclusive recreation destination in the world.

The Ability Center was founded by Damian Buchman who was diagnosed with childhood bone cancer in his right leg. He went from being an able-bodied athlete to having a life-long ambulatory disability within 24 hours — this my friends is a prime example of being Temporarily Able-Bodied (T.A.B). Today, after 23 knee replacements and revisions, he is one-in-a-billion survivor of his diagnosis and understands first hand what it’s like: to be left out, not to play, to be limited, to be granted access without an opportunity. This is what carried him to start The Ability Center and help make sure everyBODY has a DAILY opportunity to be fit, active, healthy and to play — TOGETHER!

Graphic Brother Marketing was approached to design and develop a new website experience after they did a full rebrand and wanted their website to match the new brand guidelines.

Based on our initial conversations with The Ability Center, we knew WordPress and Elementor were the right tools to build the new web experience. 

The main point of this redesign was to capture the essence of The Ability Center. As a organization that’s about letting everybody be able to play we felt it necessary to make it feel playful. We achieved this by the swooping layered effect throughout. 

The Abilty Center also wanted people to be drawn to volunteer and an easy way for people to find out information about the organization. It was clear that the UI needed an upgrade. If you take a quick peak at the menu we made sure to make this playful while also having all the elements a visitor would want to be able to visit quickly. With a focus also on donations! 

The main purpose of this website is to allow people to find upcoming events, volunteer, find out information about their most popular programs, and donate. As mentioned before we made sure to have a menu that included all these elements. But our favorite part is on scroll that the “announcement bar” area goes away on scroll to not clutter the screen. Each program got its own custom-designed page to make sure we were able to include the exact needs of each program.

"Working with Graphic Brother is always a great experience -- they communicate so well and keep the team on task. Not only did they design a beautiful site, they provided training to the team to allow for us to implement changes and updates easily. They were incredibly responsive and willing to accommodate last minute needs, all while providing objective guidance."
Courtney Rogaczewski
Managing Director

Since its launch, they’ve gotten fantastic feedback from the community and are more than happy to direct people to its website.  

We were happy to welcome The Ability Center to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Graphic Brother Marketing will continue to provide website assistance and consultation for The Ability Center as they continue to serve their community. If you want to start a conversation get in touch below!