Case Study

Northgreen Builders

A Cedarburg, WI based home builder

Northgreen Builders are a family-owned, second-generation home builder, home renovation, and master carpenters. They have a passion for building luxury homes in Wisconsin and making homeowner’s ideas come alive!


Graphic Brother Marketing was approached to help their company create a website that aligned with their brand identity and run and create social media ads to help get home renovation leads around Southern Wisconsin.

From our initial conversations with Northgreen Builders, we discovered they hadn’t had a digital strategy to gain new clients. They trusted us with fully creating a digital ad strategy as well as content for the ads. Our first project for Northgreen was getting drone shots of their current home building project. Oh, and let’s not forget about creating their website as well.


In our first month of running lead ads for them, we ran into a couple of hiccups with Facebook billing. After these got resolved we got them 10 leads in 30 days. On average a lead costs $80. Ads appeared on the screen 41,000 times across the southern Wisconsin area.

Our initial strategy for their ads was to use direct response copywriting along with creative visuals to capture the attention of social media users and collect leads. They gave us full creative permission when creating visuals, which allowed us to experiment.


One of the best performing ads was actually a simple image that displayed the before/after of one of their home building projects. On average the cost per lead was $22.16.

We were happy to welcome Northgreen Builders to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Graphic Brother Marketing will continue to provide web development and social media consultation for Northgreen Builders to gather more leads. If you want to start a conversation get in touch below!