Case Study

Know Fentanyl Campaign

A Madison based campaign by Safe Communities about fentanyl awareness and how to get help

Safe Communities is a Madison and Dane County award-winning nonprofit coalition of over 350 organizations working together to save lives, prevent injury and make our community safer.

Safe Communities launched the Know Fentanyl campaign to bring awareness to the problems Fentanyl creates and to give treatment resources to those facing challenges with substance abuse. 

Graphic Brother Marketing was approached to design and develop a new website landing page experience for their campaign following new campaign branding and the panning for a larger advertising awareness campaign. 

Perfect for us Safe Communites website was already built with our favorite software Elemenetor. That allowed us the flexibility to give a page within the site a whole new look without having to override the existing style code.

The main point of this redevelopment is to match the new campaign branding done by Hype Visuals. Also to be an accessible resource for individuals dealing with substance abuse or their loved ones. With a strong emphasis on being information without using scare tactics and keeping it engaging.

The timeline for this was very condensed compared to what we like to budget. From initial conversations to the new landing page launch was three weeks and the branding still needed to be completed. With this condensed timeline, we worked closely with Hype Visuals as they piece mailed us brand guidelines and we started designing at the same time. 

Despite this extremely short design process of pretty much one week, we’re extremely happy with the final design. It has a serious yet informational design that has a lot of responsive elements to keep the user engaged. 

This same design language was also applied to their Oak Boxes page which is an overdose resource. 

"The delivered site has exceeded expectations — the client loves its overall look and functionalities. Graphic Brother Marketing ensured a seamless process by being highly responsive to the client's needs. Moreover, the team's creativity and communication skills have stood out."
Cheryl Wittke
Executive Director

Since its launch, they’ve gotten fantastic feedback from the community and are more than happy to direct people to its website.  

We were happy to welcome Safe Communities to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Graphic Brother Marketing will continue to provide website assistance and consultation for Safe Communities as they continue to serve their community.

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