Case Study

Just Drive

A Wisconsin based online drivers education Platform

Just Drive offers a sound education that consists of the foundational skills that students need to become smart drivers that make smart decisions. Here is a brief look into what makes our curriculum the best student-centered driver’s education program in the state.

Graphic Brother Marketing was approached to help get leads utilizing Facebook and Instagram Ads. Typically driver’s education is an in-person class and was excited to help advertise an alternative which is all online except of course the behind-the-wheels.

Check out the in-depth video case study below (this video was used for sales in the past hence the selling at the end):

From our initial conversation with Just Drive, we learned that they have run ads with other companies before but didn’t have access to their accounts. After some discussion, we decided to help them create the new accounts and give us access. Now making sure that they would always have access to their accounts and data.

We always discuss with the client first and figure out their target market. We found that often it was the parents reaching out to get drivers classes for their children. We did some calculating here to figure out what the average age of parents might be with kids.

We ended up spending a range of $6-$15 per lead with an average of $11. From our calculations, these leads could be potentially worth on average $280. Now obviously that’s if EACH lead converts on the course they expressed interest in. Ads appeared on screens a total of 48,813 times to 15,264 unique people. We got a total of 68 leads in 30 days from running lead form ads.

We’re able to automate the lead process so that it automatically emailed the sales individual with the leads as they came in. 

Our initial strategy for their ads was to use direct response copywriting to appeal to the emotions of parents with kids coming of age for driving. We didn’t have much digital content provided so we located images to run! These results were from the first month of running this campaign. In the future, we would’ve introduced videos to do retargeting and eventually landing pages on the website made specifically to get leads.

If they were to convert every single lead (obviously not realistic) they would have created an income of $20,000+

We were happy to welcome Just Drive to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to developing our relationship in the future. If you want to start a conversation get in touch below!