Case Study

Couples Clique

A Milwaukee, WI based social app

Couples Clique is an app that allows you to build a profile with your interests to match you with monogamous couples who enjoy the same activities.


Graphic Brother Marketing was approached to help their company create a website that aligned with their brand identity and run and create social media ads to help get downloads in their test market; Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From our initial conversations with the Couples Clique team, we discovered they hadn’t had a digital strategy to gain or retain users. They trusted us with fully creating a digital ad strategy as well as content for the ads. Oh, and let’s not forget about creating their website as well.

In the ten months we worked with Couples Clique, downloads increased by 153%. The average cost per click on our ads was $1.36 with an average click-through rate of 1.92. Ads appeared on screens 190,000 times across Milwaukee. 41% of that was Facebook and the last 59% was actually from Snapchat.

Our initial strategy for their ads was to use direct response copywriting along with creative visuals to capture the attention of social media users. They gave us full creative permission when creating visuals, which allowed us to experiment and run experimental ads. One of our favorites was a campaign in December of 2019 in which we recreated a few memes. Which crushed it and actually had the cheapest CPC at $0.21 and a CTR of 5.49.

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We were happy to welcome Couples Clique to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Graphic Brother Marketing will continue to provide development and social media consultation for Couples Clique as they develop their app. If you want to start a conversation get in touch below!