Case Study

Blossom Candle Co

A Wisconsin based CPG candle company

Blossom Candle Co is a Milwaukee metro area handmade candle business. The ethos is supporting the intention of women to live a positive and mindful life.

GBM was approached to develop ads and run paid traffic campaigns to boost online sales. Candles are a competitive industry with many large corporate players dominating the market. So we played into the uniqueness of Blossom’s story and mission.

Now before we get into the campaigns and results we had no previous data to base our ads on. We installed a pixel on the site and made sure the proper tracking was up and running. Typically in this stage is what you call “buying data.” Without the Facebook Pixel knowing who actually purchases you need to feed this algorithm data for it to learn.

We developed a strategy to run ads on social media targeted at Blossom’s demographics. This started out as a campaign driving people into local Outpost stores while the website was under reconstruction. Once the website was finished it was almost mothers day. Blossom worked with a local company, MaShe’s Shea Botanicals to create the “414 Mom Box.” We launched a campaign targeted at the Milwaukee Metro area. This campaign was received well and ended with a 3.76 return on ad spend and a 4.15% click-through rate.

This was a very successful holiday campaign. After this, we launched a campaign again in Wisconsin optimized for purchases. Again we played off the mission of Blossom and targeted the ads according to this. This campaign ended with a 1.92 Return on ad spend and a 3.55% click-through rate.

With this success, we launched a campaign in the whole United States. This did not quite go as planned. We used the best creative from previous campaigns telling the story of Blossom and new creative which was more “typical” for eCommerce brands. After the initial targeting used for WI didn’t work we tested new audiences. On the new audience, we ended with a 2.41% click-through rate, and on the targeting, we used in WI ended with a 0.28% click-through rate. Upon further analysis, we came to the conclusion we did not put enough money behind this campaign to properly optimize with this size of an audience. Again we were still “buying data” at this point and just simply didn’t have data on the whole US yet. These two factors definitely had an impact on the performance.

We had developed a plan of action moving forward to prevent this from happening again.

We were happy to welcome Blossom Candle Co to the Graphic Brother family and we look forward to developing our relationship in the future. If you want to start a conversation get in touch below!