Digital natives with a passion for problem-solving.

We're highly skilled in leveraging digital mediums to accomplish our goals. It's what we know and love.


Who We Are

A full service digital marketing agency.

Graphic Brother Marketing was founded by a team of digital natives who have accumulated experience helping businesses grow using a wide range of digital tools.

A history of design and creative collaboration

Our Leadership Team


Antonio Ryckman

Creative Director

Entrepreneurship came naturally to Antonio; developing many “small businesses” from candy sales to lawn care in his early adolescence. Antonio’s birth date places him at what most consider Generation Z; meaning digital technology has been prevalent throughout his entire lifetime. Antonio started a YouTube channel at age 12 to teach people how to use creative digital programs which ultimately grew to 300,000+ total video views. At age 14, Antonio was hired as a professional Graphic Designer at Imagination Trends; a now defunct company that developed products for Disney and the NFL.

Antonio decided to combine his passion with his professional experience and start Graphic Brother Marketing at the age of 18 while attending college.


Jerod Butler

Digital Marketing Manager

Jerod found expressing himself on digital platforms to be second-nature ever since he could remember. He’s always had a curious mind and started creating YouTube videos at the age of 13. When he reached the age of 16, he amassed over 70,000 video views. Jerod Butler was an entrepreneur before he understood what the buzz word meant.


Jerod is a sponge when it comes to learning new digital trends, new technology, and meeting new people.  He enjoys being able to offer insight, understand creative direction, and help overcome obstacles to increase the efficiency and growth of a business. Eventually, he realized these skills could all be honed into one venture and that’s how Graphic Brother Marketing was born.


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